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Extensive List of Bombardier Aerospace Aviation Parts

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Thank you for your interest in the various aviation parts that we have in stock from the manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. Currently, you can find part numbers such as 61-3800-1, 2588066-1, 5054T71G01, 6025024-002, N381-0934, and other relevant listings readily available for purchase at any time. If there are particular items from Bombardier Aerospace in our database that interests you, fill out and submit an RFQ form at your earliest convenience, and a team of industry experts will reach out within 15 minutes or less to present a customized solution that caters to your needs. With our peerless dedication to quality control and export compliance, we proudly operate as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited enterprise. As our team is always ready to assist customers throughout the purchasing process, we encourage you to give us a call or email at any time! Get started today and see how Nascent Industrial can operate as your strategic sourcing partner.

Part No Item Name QTY RFQ
61-3800-1 battery assy Avl RFQ
2588066-1 clevis Avl RFQ
5054T71G01 tube check valve to fu Avl RFQ
6025024-002 rib Avl RFQ
N381-0934 thinner Avl RFQ
1005210401-005 seal striker side Avl RFQ
85230294-101 shim Avl RFQ
3188042-006 ground strap Avl RFQ
6010840-030 stringer 17 l h Avl RFQ
83220097-001 NA Avl RFQ
6084068-801 kit vert stab nut relo Avl RFQ
2322320-9 angle spar tie Avl RFQ
8Z0470-015 cable assy pass air Avl RFQ
215-0200-505 nozzle assy primary ex Avl RFQ
4532201000V17-001 steering and strut ass Avl RFQ
600-31980-103 hinge stairs pass door Avl RFQ
2C9295-6-1 hook s Avl RFQ
85750415-102 fitting flap track 5 Avl RFQ
3118417-003 insulator panel assy Avl RFQ
4553330002-801 kit seal retainer Avl RFQ
8SC1268-127 light assy aisle Avl RFQ
3112013-1 hinge assy Avl RFQ
68-1448 packing over inflation Avl RFQ
8MK2051-005 kit flt cmpt temp Avl RFQ
500044-00-42-1 handset cabin airborne Avl RFQ
C6WM1133-1 adapter assy f spar Avl RFQ
N126-8023 extrusion Avl RFQ
85530173-104 splice plate frame no Avl RFQ
1005351571-001 intercostal fs635 65 6 Avl RFQ
S5316-63-80-350 shim laminated Avl RFQ
NAS8702U4 bolt reduced csk hd Avl RFQ
228-50181-163 stiffener Avl RFQ
30B37-49D generator starter Avl RFQ
2422029-32-532 skin leading edge rh Avl RFQ
X7355 duct flexible Avl RFQ
601R318092-1 former fs 329 5 datum Avl RFQ
2332015-21 hinge assy horizontal Avl RFQ
228-50057-169 bracket Avl RFQ
601R38418-13 shim Avl RFQ
99-230-6B1-8088 indicator Avl RFQ
4525040006-803 spacer toe kick Avl RFQ
BACJ40K5A5A-6 jumper Avl RFQ
GM147-0485-1 seal rubber lh Avl RFQ
1005530511-001 doubler upper Avl RFQ
748838-17 cup washer Avl RFQ
N383-8045 resin epoxy base Avl RFQ
66-2955-3 washer conical Avl RFQ
5047T73G01 tube valve probe air p Avl RFQ
BI7002510059-001 doubler assy Avl RFQ
PAI-700-28V compass standby with l Avl RFQ
6022136-38-538 doubler wing fairing Avl RFQ
MS24423-8 check hyd valve Avl RFQ
S7242-1 placard assist handle Avl RFQ
L30-0100-5 a c r134a w fwd evap Avl RFQ
2618443-1 control panel assy Avl RFQ
NAS4704-11 screw Avl RFQ
UFR833J0406 reducer bhd union Avl RFQ
GG438-2049-7 duct assy pack dischar Avl RFQ
600-85132-4 bracket water deflecto Avl RFQ
122483-01 pin Avl RFQ
CV554-X-240-IN-EXT qqa 200 11 t73 h8610 Avl RFQ
8MK1828-001 kit mlg uplock instn Avl RFQ
856-0073-030 panel audio control 3r Avl RFQ
HL11VAZ5-3 pin hi lok 100 deg flu Avl RFQ
4535271071-001 tube assy oxy supply p Avl RFQ
72350038-103 NA Avl RFQ
1005540206-001 stringer 3 Avl RFQ
C6NF1170-19 cover assy english Avl RFQ
RH235 potentiometer Avl RFQ
600-33052-117 stiffener Avl RFQ
MM670-39010-008 NA Avl RFQ
MK13 daynight flare expl Avl RFQ
65-5458-21D nut nylon Avl RFQ
DSC85-2D label Avl RFQ
LJ7838401-4 fairing Avl RFQ
8800I06052CAQZTX paint dark blue Avl RFQ
1004907002-003 tube assy lower Avl RFQ
AS5174J0404 union Avl RFQ
85531567-103 doubler external Avl RFQ
MS20426AD5-5 rivet Avl RFQ
390700-1007 actuator Avl RFQ
MM670-37054-001 cap Avl RFQ
23374 pressure switch Avl RFQ
NAS1241AD4-4 rivet Avl RFQ
S8169-1 placard access cover 6 Avl RFQ
85410894-103 angle shroud fwd lh Avl RFQ
228-59195-801 housing Avl RFQ
C6TE1065-28 rib nose rh Avl RFQ
601R75276-417 tube assy hydraulic wi Avl RFQ
601R10153-14 fairing fwd rh Avl RFQ
3500306-1 shim Avl RFQ
SME25T331M8X20LL capacitor Avl RFQ
MS18029-3S2 cover Avl RFQ
5425005-804 NA Avl RFQ
HST1275TP-8AWU collar tension Avl RFQ
SPL51608-4XN nut Avl RFQ
NAS565-49 bolt drilled head Avl RFQ
601-62116-19 bracket Avl RFQ
85330572-S111 strap joint internal Avl RFQ
228-50576-106 frame Avl RFQ
601K0360B kit increaded mtow Avl RFQ
600-13035-8 rib assy leading edge Avl RFQ
15H29490-103 insulation assy Avl RFQ
M6088419-012 pin Avl RFQ
2423110-18 doubler Avl RFQ
75210580-101 washer airstair Avl RFQ
GS215-0180-3 panel floor crawlway Avl RFQ
M23053 5-306-0 sleeve insulation heat Avl RFQ
2380103-1 valve relief Avl RFQ
604-51074-1 panel assy lh Avl RFQ
MS21047L3 nut plate two lug Avl RFQ
007-06380-0000 diode Avl RFQ
2688337-018 filler Avl RFQ
HL19PB5-2 pin hilock Avl RFQ
10648GLJ-40 switch assy annunciato Avl RFQ
0108084-05 system pilot restraint Avl RFQ
700K34-002A kit heads up display Avl RFQ
6010402-1 keel beam Avl RFQ
NAS1149D0332P washer flat Avl RFQ
85411379-101 packer exhaust sh Avl RFQ
85240061-109 spindle service door Avl RFQ
990-6109-243 switch panel seat Avl RFQ
9GD400759-10 sealing Avl RFQ
604-31404-7S stifener Avl RFQ
CSP343-93 shim laminated Avl RFQ
600K0304L kit Avl RFQ
9611-000013-8 switch passenger contr Avl RFQ
C6FFC1576-27 bracket bulkhead jum Avl RFQ
67896 hanger Avl RFQ
85411050-003 fitting assy nacelle d Avl RFQ
85320779-101 doubler external Avl RFQ
CC670-51402-159 legend strip cbp2 row Avl RFQ
B0204037AL8W nut stand off two lug Avl RFQ
NAS6203-32H bolt drilled hex hd Avl RFQ
N381-4424 coating white Avl RFQ
72560030-101D40754 hinge dam Avl RFQ
600-31430-1 cam Avl RFQ
85339204-101 stiffener Avl RFQ
L610549-2-629 bearing outer cone Avl RFQ
RTV732 adhesive silicone blac Avl RFQ
C22-0 knob mpa206r Avl RFQ
PFBD4-2201-577 blanket primary Avl RFQ
601R38731-11 strip filler Avl RFQ
AV670-75350-001 block fairlead Avl RFQ
LJ7832015-4 channel closeout lwr d Avl RFQ
2384034-1 kit torque arm replace Avl RFQ
MS90354U0606 fastener blind protrud Avl RFQ
MS3459L24-11P connector electrical Avl RFQ
75750139-101 angle Avl RFQ
GG438-2056-3 duct flexible ram air Avl RFQ
82970025-005 manifold assy hydrauli Avl RFQ
601R14577-109 packing Avl RFQ
3E3292-1 regulator pressure Avl RFQ
40G10 grommet Avl RFQ
S7390 marking silkscreen Avl RFQ
D3899920WH53SN connector Avl RFQ
45-10000-KIT50RH kit Avl RFQ
1005351095-001 strap joint fs620 84 Avl RFQ
85410613-067 track and beam assy Avl RFQ
3013009-011 closeout sidewall cabi Avl RFQ
NAS1635-002 screw Avl RFQ
83451336-001 cable assy dme Avl RFQ
600-85131-1 deflector water Avl RFQ
204-3100-2 filter air Avl RFQ
AVK00263 reamer taper pin Avl RFQ
PLT210-5-7 visu lock Avl RFQ
601R14610-24 fitting lug rh Avl RFQ
4953116-39 shims Avl RFQ
GM127-1224-5 bushing Avl RFQ
PFBD4-2201-409 blanket window Avl RFQ
6033400000-001 cap tail end light Avl RFQ
87144122-103 bush Avl RFQ
C3450006-011 nav unit int nav 1 lh Avl RFQ
HST13AG-10-13 pin tension Avl RFQ
3100010-226 tube assy nose gear ex Avl RFQ
85330228-009 web assy rh keel Avl RFQ
NAS6414A74D bolt Avl RFQ
2413222-2 panel side wall r h Avl RFQ
GG670-95853-1 duct display lh Avl RFQ
S1331C3 post assy terminal blo Avl RFQ
600-35067-13 roller assy door Avl RFQ
5426045-034 tube assy Avl RFQ
C6VF1110-3 duct assy air cond Avl RFQ
6627602002-005 valve assy spoiler shu Avl RFQ
S1653-1 decal refuel defuel Avl RFQ
600-10238-5 bushing fitting brace Avl RFQ
MEC30-1K resistor precision Avl RFQ
NAS43DD3-8FC spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
AN3H16A bolt Avl RFQ
13B296-00-6P plate seal clamping Avl RFQ
3100010-99 tube assy Avl RFQ
12645-135-033 pin Avl RFQ
601R95157-45 beam assy aft rh Avl RFQ
2418208-3 box assy autopilot ele Avl RFQ
S1448-10-28-13 bus bar Avl RFQ
82550012-001 net cargo assembly Avl RFQ
2332013-22 hinge assy Avl RFQ
2655142-6 spacer tapered Avl RFQ
5S5-10 stud Avl RFQ
1096085 guard switch Avl RFQ

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